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ZHT Automatic Rotary Die-cutting Machine

ZHT Automatic Rotary Die-cutting Machine

1.Wheel type lead edge feeder with vacuum suction
2.One pair of feed rolls
3.Motorized side guide control
4.Main motor adopts variable frequency motor
5.Use touch screen and PLC to control the machine
6.Thickness of die cutter roller use 40mm seamless steel tube
7.Motorized register adjustment
8.Manual adjustment of die roll side control, range ±4mm
9.Manual adjustment of Anvil roll nip control, range 2-8mm
10.Manual adjustment of pull roll nip control, range 2-8mm
11.Button of emergency stop is installed
12.Thickness of wallboard is 50mm
13.Gear is quenched and ground
14.Speed compensation device can keep die cutting precision regardless of changes in anvil diameter
15.Shaving device is equipped for repeated repair of anvil rubber




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