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Chain Feeder Rotary Slotter Model: K-B

 Chain Feeder Rotary Slotter Model: K-B


This machine can complete creasing, trimming, slotting and angle cutting of corrugated boxes at one time. Easy operation and high production efficiency.





1.This machine can complete scoring, trimming, slotting and angle cutting of paper-board at one time in high efficiency.

2.Chain feeder for easy operation.

3.Electric slotting rotary position adjustment.

4.Synchronous manual adjustment for case height with hexangular stick.

5.Manual gap adjustment with worm reducer with graduated dial indication, ranging from 0 to 6mm.

6.Synchronous manual adjustment for slotting tools and creasers in lateral direction.

7.Zigzag slotting knife with 7mm thickness is made of alloy steel. It featuring with sharp edge and high hardness.

8. The punching device is available (additional option, not for free).








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