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Automatic stitching machine


QF-QD2600 Automatic Stitching Machine


Sheet size: 





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Brief Introduction:


l  This automatic gluer stitcher machine can be used for stitching 3-ply corrugated box and 5-ply corrugated box.

l  It can stitch single piece box.

l  Customer first do printing, slotting and die cutting with flexo printer slotter die cutter machine, then use this automatic gluer stitcher machine to make sheet into boxes.





1.       1 or 2 wire stitching at the same time in 45°

2.       Change stitching size in one minute

3.       Automatic counter, PLC control, touch screen operate

4.       Require three operators only

5.       8 pcs servo motor for controlling the feeding, folding and stitching.

6.       Main electric parts use SIEMENS.



Machine configuration:




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